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Visit the Cocora Valley and experience an unparalleled experience in our tourist destination.

The Cocora Valley located in the municipality of Salento, is considered one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Colombia, habitat of the Condor of the Andes and the palm of wax, national tree this magical place is also, one of the entrances to the mitico and Beautiful Los Nevados National Park.

Ideal for trekking or hiking in high and middle mountain, horseback riding, bird watching and other adventure activities, the Cocora Valley is one of the preferred destinations for visitors, visitors and tourists.

The wax palm forests, which grow up to 60 meters in height, the climate and the variety of vegetation, fauna and flora fill this adventure destination, green and nature, which is only 12 kilometers Of our lodging.


Enjoy the most spectacular scenery of our green, natural and coffee region.

The horseback riding that cross the different routes of the Cultural Landscape Cafetero, become another attraction that can be enjoyed in the municipality of Salento, one of the most visited destinations in the world.

Greens in different shades, pure air, birds, flora and fauna make every horseback ride is full of magic, exuberance and charm, where the connection with the environment and the photographic record of a landscape full of attributes and charms Guarantee an unparalleled experience.

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Live an experience full of coffee, culture and nature

Characterized by harvesting and serving one of the best coffees in the world, in the department of Quindío and especially in the municipality of Salento, you can live a whole coffee experience.

Going through the beautiful coffee plantations and getting to know the different processes that coffee has to offer before being served with exquisiteness in a rich cup, enjoying and interacting with the locals and the techniques of tasting are just some of the magical experiences that it offers Our beautiful destiny.

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An experience you will never forget.

Tour aboard a raft made in guadua the river La Vieja, enjoying the wonders of a landscape full of attractions and charms is possible in the department of Quindío.

The balsaje is one of the great attractions of nature and adventure that offers you the destination, where the experience is accompanied by an adrenaline rush to immerse yourself and navigate these waters, full of natural beauty and history, wrapping one of the largest tributaries Hydrocarbons in the area.

Waterfalls, typical gastronomy and green are also part of this magical experience, which you can program from our lodging.


Our rivers, valleys and mountains look better from the heights

Taking into account the diversity and magnificence that characterizes the Coffee Culture Landscape, Quindío offers you the opportunity to enjoy it in a different way.

Make your flight dream come true by enjoying one of the most beautiful views in the world in the land of coffee.

A magical experience full of fun and adrenaline, where our lodging becomes the best option.

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Thanks to our excellent location, lovers of adrenaline and contact with nature can enjoy walks through the Cocora Valley and the Natural Park Los Nevados.

With a variety of natural species, birds and fauna the municipality of Salento and its veredales zones, offer you the opportunity to make safe routes for its different attractions, which are recognized worldwide for their natural charm, heterogeneous mountains, flowers, landscapes where Also stand out the Cerro Machin volcano, Morro Gacho, among many others.

Stay with us and enjoy the different attractions offered by Quindío.